Friday, May 1, 2009

Not So Many Worlds Apart

I showed Skype to Joel today, with a video chat with my folks, and then a phone call to Stan's cell. We reached Stan on a walk on the trails near his home in Abbotsford, and he talked with Joel in Spanish. Joel remembers Stan and Grace from the opening of the community centre last year. Joel's first question for Stan was "when are you coming to Tierra Linda again"?

Stan took this photo of Grace on the trail with his Blackberry, sent to me, and I showed it to Joel. Sometimes our worlds don't have to be so far apart.

Joel followed that call with a Skype call to his sister in the market, and another to his brother in Tierra Linda. He said "can I call over there?" and pointed to Tierra Linda. Hearing two people chatter in Kakchiquel over Skype is a little surreal.

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