Saturday, May 30, 2009

San Antonio Nueva Esperanza

We arrived in this morning on a small 6-seater Cessna, touching down on the 400-yard dirt airstrip, one of the shortest in Guatemala. Ludine, the pilot, started flying the year I was born (1976).  He's been flying for Mission Aviation Fellowship since 1982, and he is amazing.  Carving between clouds and mountaintops, we watched valley after valley with patchwork fields climbing impossible hillsides, then saw this small village appear with a miniscule strip of dirt for landing.  
Greg and Helaine Walton have been here for 9 years, building and leading a school for refugees who arrived after the war.  We'll post pictures later, because the connection is slow.  But we're here safe and sound, and it is incredible.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave:

We are so happy that you are still Blogging about your trip. I think it is safe to say that we are completely addicted to reading and checking your Blogs. I hope you will check our Blogs occasionally.

Nancy P.

jeff and jenn said...

Jeff was once interested in flying for MAV. I am sure he would be envious of such a flight! Sounds incredible. Enjoy these last adventures!