Saturday, May 16, 2009


All three of them now have email accounts, Skype accounts, and know how to get remote screen-sharing help from me when we return to Canada. If that seems pretty out-there for you, here's how it works: if they have a problem, they call me in Canada. I connect across the web, look at their screen, move their mouse and keyboard, and help them solve the problem.

We are tired, but we know there will be many days at home when we will look back wistfully, shake our heads when we think about what has happened here in a few months, and marvel at how each step and door was blessed.

Dr. Don Page, a wise professor of ours, often said that university graduation was his favourite time, because he was able to see the fruit of four years of labour, illustrated in the students who had opened their eyes and blossomed. We look ahead and wonder where these three guys could be in a few years, and how many people they will have helped along the way.
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jeff and jenn said...

Wow, you can move the mouse on their computer?! How cool! Maybe we will have to get you to do that for ours everytime we run into gliches. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing, the opportunities available to people now via the Internet...sincere wishes to these young men, for their hard work to be rewarded with goodness....