Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My First Puzzles

Four girls were making and remaking these puzzles over and over today. They would overturn them to empty the pieces, then race each other to completion - over and over and over. These ones with simple pieces (not interlocking) are excellent for the little ones. It'd be a great idea to bring more of these along if you're coming.
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Anonymous said...


Many thanks for the great idea! We are busy collecting puzzles, Legos, blocks, trucks, art supplies, toy musical instruments, etc. at local garage sales for the new pre-school in Panajachel. I wish we could all bring an extra suitcase full of school supplies for free on Continental Airlines when we travel to Guatemala in less than three weeks. People sell many, many outgrown toys, and it is great fun to find so much available for the little children in Pana.

Nancy Preiss