Sunday, May 10, 2009

Y Mis Amigos (And My Friends)

Rosa introduced us to her church, and explained what we are doing. She said "I don't know the name of their church, but I know they are Christians". We hope that other people here would explain us the same way.

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Anonymous said...

How special to be invited to a local church and introduced to the congregation by Rosa.

Speaking of Rosa, we are not very fond of making meals, so we hope to meet Rosa to ask if she will please consider making some dinners for our family while we are in Panajachel for two months.

I have also taken notes about the inexpensive restaurants that you have discovered in Pana. We would also like to meet Abel. Specifically, I'm wondering if Abel would be willing to deliver coffee and pasteries from Crossroads in the morning before we head out to the pool for swimming. The hotel pool is in the opposite direction from Crossroads. Does Abel have a phone number that we could use to introduce ourselves, and does he understand some English?

Nancy P.