Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Bouquet of Rosas

Rosa Left is the Rosa who makes the wonderful dinners for us at our house (like tonight). Rosa Centre owns the Casa Del Mundo hotel and is our landlady. Rosa Right was a new Rosa for us today. She cooks at Casa Del Mundo - so for recent trip members, she cooked your pancakes and burritos!

Rosa Right is from Santa Cruz, close to Casa Del Mundo. She told me today that her father died when she was one, so she has never attended school or learned to read. Rosa Centre hired her, trained her as a cook, and she has worked at Casa Del Mundo for eight years - and loves it.

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Anonymous said...

& so your community continues to grow - muy bien!

(could you ask 'Rosa Right' for the recipe for the chokolade caliente con cardomomo? :)

just thot I'd try...
Melody G

shelley said...

wow "The Three Amiga's"