Monday, February 16, 2009

We Need Gas!

Our hot water and stove both run on natural gas, which comes from a very old tank outside. Our gas ran out last night, promptly at the moment when all of us wanted to take showers and cook supper. We showered in the other shower, which uses a "widow-maker" electric mechanism to heat the water on a 50-amp breaker. You really don't want to touch a wire and the water at the same time. And at best, it's an exhilarating 75 degrees cool.

So this morning we had to figure out how to get more gas. Apparently the grocery store will deliver a swap-in tank to your house, but you have to know the size. We measured the tank at 4 feet tall, but there are no visible markings remaining. We then called the store, which wanted to know how many pounds our tank holds. I said "yo no se" (I don't know), and repeated that it was 4 feet tall. And yet again, the lady somehow managed to know that "Finca la Vega" is a valid street address for delivery.

We're hoping that someone shows up later this morning.

I bet that this morning you just turned on the hot water tap, didn't you?

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jeff and jenn said...

Yup, I did. And I appreciated it immensely (especially after reading this!). Oh, the adventures!