Sunday, February 22, 2009

When They Upgrade Your Room...

We're still not sure exactly what happened, but when we arrived at our Antigua hotel, we asked for the two normal rooms that we had reserved. For some reason, Mom and Dad had been upgraded to the bridal suite at no extra charge. The bridal suite was 1500 square feet, and spectacular. Nice surprise!

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Gary & Lynda said...

WOW!! Lucky them! I can't believe you guys stayed at the Santo Domingo. Have you heard about the mustard thief? If someone sprays you with mustard when you come out of there don't let anyone help you clean up. They work as a team and pick your pockets as they "help". Seriously though, the Santo Domingo would be my ultimate dream wedding location.

Dave MacDonald said...

No, this is at Casa de los Suenos. Santo Domingo is ridiculously expensive! But it's sure fun to walk around there.