Monday, February 23, 2009

Onions and Neighbours

As we walked down the road from our house to the market this morning, we took a detour into the onion fields to show Mom and Dad. A farmer was watering the onions and beans by hand, splashing bowls of water from the irrigation channel onto the plants. We introduced ourselves, and learned that he was from Tierra Linda, and that one of his kids is in our computer class.

We walked back to the road, and met a couple and their children at the gate. They were from Tierra Linda too, and we learned that their son Edgar is in our grade five class. The father was carrying a massive load of onions on his back, delivering them to a market.

Imagine that you are a father who is working his hardest to provide for his family, packing onions down a mountain, and you know that your kids don't have the opportunities that you would wish. And then "neighbours" from another country are willing to share their abundance to open the world to your kids. I think that pack of onions might feel just a little bit lighter.

Thanks for helping make this possible. You were "there" this morning too.

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