Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Class Continues - Progress!

The students continue to do really well this week. Many of them are now using 4 fingers for typing practice, and one girl, Graciela, is using all 10 fingers. When the door opens in the morning, the students race to be the first 10 in the chairs. When it's time to switch to the next group, the first student is hardly out of his chair before the second student is sliding into it.

Today we had Carlos here, who can translate from English to Spanish. We also had Felipe the teacher, who can translate from Spanish to Kaqchikel (the Mayan dialect which the kids speak). Many of the kids don't understand all the Spanish instructions, so today I explained in English, Carlos translated to Spanish, and Felipe translated to Kaqchikel. It felt a little like the United Nations.

On Tuesday we are going to join the students at their school for Carneval, the last day before Lent. It's the equivalent of Mardi Gras, minus the vices. A highlight for them is the abundance of "cascarones", which are empty eggshells refilled with confetti. Apparently you throw them at each other during the fiesta.

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josie said...

how fun! I just spent a few minutes here at work catching up on all your amazing adventures!
How incredible to teach all those equip them with these skills for their future's... great job Dave and Danaya....and Zane!

Love the house too...keep up with all the great stories!