Monday, February 16, 2009

We have gas!

Well the gas adventure continues. As Dave wrote below, we came home yesterday to find that our gas for our stove/oven and hot water was out. So, this morning we called up the local grocery store to get another tank delivered. You would think this is simple, but we're in Guatemala. Apparently Dave didn't specify all the necessary information, so instead of calling him back, they did nothing. So a couple hours later we had one of our friends call them. Our friend explained everything, and they said they would come soon. Within the hour they arrived, and then we realized that the empty tank is chained and locked to the house. No one has ever given us a key to that lock, and our landlady is in Florida right now. Based on the schmoz we had with the keys the night we arrived, I'm sure she doesn't know where the key is anyway. So, Don Miguel, our guardian/gardener, went to get his little hack saw, and I fetched the hammer. The three men went to work on the lock and this picture shows the merry time we're having! All is well that ends well, and we now have a working stove and hot water again. Hurray!

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Alicia said...

hahaha! :) I love gongshows like that!