Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dave played football today!

One of Dave's dreams is to play football (soccer) with the locals while we're here. He was very excited to be invited by one of our regular tuc-tuc drivers named Abel. Abel has become a friend, and he gets together with other family members most weeks to play a game of friendly football.

Abel's daughter was watching with me and Zane, and 2 minutes into the game she commented, "oh, he's good". Dave was excited that he could keep up with the other players, but you can definitely tell that football is as natural to them as hockey is to many Canadians! All of them would be stars on any Canadian soccer team, and it was a great game.

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Anonymous said...

hi guys. Fun to get a glimpse of 'everyday' life in Pana! Typically when we're there, we're got our own team agendas to accomplish, its interesting to see how life that's lived in Pana in longer than a week at a time looks. Laundry, soccer, church, playing with rocks, banana curry...