Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's hard to see, but our friend Abel is the guy in goal behind Dave.

We had a fantastic and very full day. After the football game we walked back into the center of town via the lakefront. We decided to have lunch at the Sunset Cafe, which is a beautiful restaurant overlooking the lake. It's as beautiful as anything in BC. We look forward to taking our visitors there. Unfortunately the pictures didn't turn out.

We also stopped by the Spanish school and arranged our biweekly Spanish lessons, which we are in great need of. We did a little shopping (I finally discovered where to buy raisins!), and at 4:00 we joined a worship service held at a local coffee shop called Solomon's Porch. We met some new people and had a good time. Needless to say, we are exhausted. Two hours of soccer, two hours of walking around with Zane in the pack on Dave's back, and then a worship service. It was fun and fulfilling to be part of other people's lives today.

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jeff and jenn said...

Wow, Dave, with all that exercise you are going to be one buff guy when you return! :) Kudos to you for keeping up with the locals.