Thursday, February 12, 2009

Man. Machete. Meat.

Good thing we bought a couple machetes yesterday, because it came in really handy today when we had to portion out the meat for the freezer.

This is the first time I have purchased meat in Guatemala. (Poor Dave has gone 2 weeks without meat, except for 2 restaurant meals.) Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the store. Yes, like all butcher shops here, everything is hanging out in the open. Our new friend Adele took me to the shop she likes -- good meat, quite clean. I think the meat actually looks better than what we get at home. It was very entertaining. You have to know what cut you want, because when you tell them, they cut it right in front of you off the huge chunk hanging on a hook. There's no prepackaged cuts nicely labeled, or anything that convenient.

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Gary & Lynda said...

You definately need meat pictures. If you can capture the flies swarming around that would be even better...