Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome Home, 8 9

We arrived home this morning to find this sign on our front door.

It has been an incredible day of readjustments, hellos to family and friends, and acknowledgement that a major chapter in our life is finished. Does it lead to other chapters? We can't pretend to know that now.

It feels so strange to settle back into our little apartment where things are clean, tidy, not brick, and without bugs. How do we reconcile this with the life we've lived for four months? What is our responsibility from here forward? Who are we to be here?

This is our final post, number 1009. You have walked with us on our journey, encouraged us with your comments, and reminded us night after night that we were not alone. When we have cried while writing, you cried while reading. When we have celebrated, you have cheered at home too. You have been "with us" in a depth that we felt so clearly, so far from home. Thank you for praying, believing, supporting, cheering, and living fully.

We don't really know how to "end" a blog like this, since it's really a story of beginnings - for us, for Tierra Linda, and hopefully for you. We're hoping to share some news from Tierra Linda over the next few months, and if you'd like us to include you when we send out an email, drop us a note at davemacd@gmail.com.

Some of you are friends that we may never meet. Our best wishes to you, whoever and wherever you are tonight, and may you follow the call of your crazy dreams too.

Henri Nouwen said that “we are often afraid to enter into the chaos surrounding situations of poverty, and we will remain paralyzed unless we dare to take new risks. If we need to have all our bases covered before we move into action, then nothing exciting ever happens, but if we dare to take a few crazy risks because God asks us to do so, many doors that we didn’t know existed open before us.”

Gracias. Dios te bendigo (God bless you).

Dave, Danaya, Zane, and the future leaders of Tierra Linda


Gary & Lynda said...

Welcome home! Personally I would love to see you continue to blog about your reverse culture shock and adjustment and insight as you head back to life in Canada.

Kim said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking about your incredible journey and how it is over. :) I'll miss the updates. I know I had a REALLY hard time adjusting after coming home and my trips were only 4 days and 7 days. I can't imagine what you guys will be going through after spending that much time there.

I would love to get updates, (kimhartz @ hotmail . com) and I can't wait until my next trip to Tierra Linda to see the results of your labor.

Thank you for your sacrifice - and for bringing hope to the people of Tierra Linda

shelley said...

Thank-you Dave,Danaya and Zane for all the work you have done and for keeping us up to speed via the blog. Tierra Linda will be forever grateful for all your knowledge that you have passed on to them and for the Conexions made on your journeys. The many prayers that went out to you during your stay for saftey, protection,health have been granted. You have been an encouragement to us all.